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Life Insurance

from Donne Insurance Group

Life insurance

There are two basic types of insurance: term and permanent. We would like to help you decide which type would be best for your situation. You learn a little about each of these types below, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Term insurance

Term life insurance offers protection for a specific period of time, usually ten, fifteen, twenty, or thirty years. One of the reasons term life insurance is so popular is that the premiums are typically lower than premiums for permanent life insurance.

This is a big advantage for families who have a great deal of need and have a limited amount of money to spend on their life insurance needs.

Permanent insurance

Permanent life insurance, also known as universal life or whole life insurance, provides lifelong protection. In addition to having a death benefit, this type also has a cash value that grows until it reaches its full value, typically when you reach the age of ninety-five.

This type of policy is usually more expensive because of its long-term benefits.