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Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance

Identity theft is a major problem that has cost millions of people significant time and money. Insurance coverage on your homeowner policy could alleviate your stress and liability should you become a victim of identity theft. To better understand the potential impact identity theft could have on you, read the brief summary below or call us to discuss your options in more detail.

Anyone struck by identity theft has to make identity and credit recovery a top priority for the following reasons:

  • Credit ratings can be ruined
  • Victims cannot take out loans or make purchases
  • Victims may be pursued by collection agencies, have their credit cards and checks rejected, or lose a job opportunity
  • Thieves may use personal information to commit other crimes and arrest warrants may be issued in the victim's name
  • Liens can be applied against the victim's assets

It is not easy for individuals to correct their credit history and identity records because:

  • Creditors and financial institutions are focused on collections and may be unsympathetic to victims' troubles
  • Victims are unfamiliar with the correct process and procedures
  • Victims do not know who to contact or call
  • Victims may not be able to prove to the satisfaction of creditors and others that their identity or personal information was stolen
  • The thief may gain control of existing accounts by using a different address or open new accounts in the victims name giving them time to commit multiple acts of fraud undetected that affects numerous records and accounts